Drama continues at ESPN


max_kellerman-160Max Kellerman is the latest ESPN host to find himself in hot water with his employers. During a discussion of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his suspension by the NFL for domestic violence, Kellerman opened up about an incident from his past involving himself and his wife Erin, who was his girlfriend at the time.

Kellerman told how, some 20 years ago, the couple got into an altercation at a college party at which they’d both been drinking. He said that an argument turned physical when his girlfriend slapped him and he slapped her back. Kellerman went on to say that he and his wife have been happily married for the past two decades.

Kellerman co-hosts the afternoon-drive program Max & Marcellus and the SportsNation TV program.

ESPN is remaining tight-lipped about the suspension, releasing only this brief statement: “Max Kellerman will return to ESPNLA Radio and SportsNation on Thursday.”

This latest suspension follows that of Stephen A. Smith’s, who used the word “provoke” when discussing the Ray Rice suspension, and Dan Le Betard who took a different tack and purchased billboards in Ohio which took only a metaphorical “jab” at LeBron James.