Dry-docked Santa Cruz FM pirate looking to sail the airwaves again


Free Radio Santa Cruz has been using between 50 and 100 Watts to ply the Santa Cruz CA airwaves on 101.1 MHz – until, that is, the host providing them a place from which to operate their transmitting equipment was chased out of the business by the FCC. FRSC is now said to be on the prowl for a new location from which to resume broadcasts, to go along with its still-active internet presence.

The organization can be found at www.freakradio.org, and according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the operators of the station are pleased to receive emails of appreciation from around the globe. But they are in business primarily to serve the local audience, and want their programming to be heard on something a little less expensive than a $500-$1,000 dollar computer.

The property owner that was giving FRSC space decided to comply with the FCC’s Notice of Unauthorized Operation and caused the cessation of broadcasting from the venue.

According to the Sentinel, FRSC and FCC have exchanged broadsides before – the FCC shut the station down and seized all of its equipment back in 2004, but a fund-raiser that brought in a mere $8K was all it took to get enough replacement hardware to put the station back on the air.