DSCC takes time in battlegrounds


US CongressThe Democratic Party is interested in maintaining its control of the US Senate, and to that end, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has made an eight-figure buy of TV time in three key states.

According to various reports, the DSCC has $14.1M of time on hold for the fall when the general elections heat up.

Other Capitol Hill-based political committees have also been getting their order for time in well in advance of election time, out of concern that the Citizens United ruling is going to unleash a flood of spending from PACs not directly affiliated with candidates, making availabilities scarce.

The bulk of the cash is being spent in Virginia, where a pair of former governors are expected to face off – Tim Kaine for the Democrats and George Allen for the Republicans. Allen is trying to regain the seat he lost by a whisker to Jim Webb six years ago. Webb decided to retire rather than pursue a second term.

The Virginia reservation amounts to $7.4M.

The other states are Missouri, where DSCC is reserving $3.5M worth of air time in defense of incumbent Claire McCaskill; and Montana, where $3.2M has been plunked down in defense of Jon Testor.

According to TalkingPointsMemo, the DSCC’s opposite number, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has already reserved $25M worth of advertising time in six states.