DTV America buying spree continues


LPTVJohn Kyle’s DTV America has been snapping up LPTV CPs like they’re going out of style (and maybe they are). Three more deals have been filed with the FCC.
A total of 12 CPs are involved. Kyle’s company is paying its usual $4K a pop for them.

The largest of the three deals is valued at $28,000. The seller is Shalub Medical Investments, headed by Don S. Shalub, and the prize for DTVA is a collection of seven LPTV CPs licensed to Joplin MO.

In the second-largest transaction, Stephen Claassen is selling five CPs licensed to Topeka KS for $20K.

Finally, DTVA is picking up a single LPTV CP in Boise ID from the Stan V. Smith Trust for $4K.

That brings the total value of the buying spree to $52,000.