DTV America continues to snap up CPs


LPTVLow power CPs is what John Kyle’s company is after. It recently filed a slew of deals in which it acquired 47 of them. Another short stack of applications will bring in another 13.

Most of the acquisitions are in markets ranked by Nielsen in the 100s and smaller. Three are in Athens GA, which is unrated territory.

Each CP is going for $4,000, amounting to a grand total of $52,000.

* Six are coming from Madison Avenue Ventures, headed by Samuel A. Madison Jr. The package includes three in Athens GA, two in Bowling Green KY and one in Tallahassee FL.

* Five are coming from Mid America DTV LLC, headed by Michael Dagen, managing member. They are all in Lincoln NE.

* One in Lafayette LA is coming from LFLPTV LLC. David Loppert is the managing member.

* One is coming from Randolph Lee Ridings. It’s in Duluth MN.