DTV as backup


CBS KWTX-TV, Gray Television’s station in the Waco-Temple-Bryan TX DMA, is in the unusual position of turning off its analog signal so a crew can get some work done on its analog transmitter. It is therefore giving its loyal viewers a preview of the effects of the general DTV transition. Its digital signal will be up and running throughout the temporary analog blackout. As will be the case for everywhere on 2/17/09, those with cable or satellite subscriptions will be unaffected; nor will those over-air viewers who have either a digital television receiver or a digital-to-analog converter box already hooked up. The station is directing consumers who need the box to places where it can be procured.

RBR/TVBR observation: It also mentions the coupon program being administered by NTIA, and although there is almost zero chance that affected viewers can get a coupon in hand to do them any good in the immediate situation, it could go a long way to preparing them for the day when all stations in the market turn off their analog signals for good.