DTV data dump


Nielsen shows continued progress in educating Americans about the DTV transition, with the hardcore totally unprepared demo down to just 5.1% of all TV households. Looking at subcategories, the group feared to be most at risk is in fact the most prepared – we refer to the over 55 crowd, with only 3.2% in a state of unreadiness compared to 8.6% of those under 35. Ethnically, the unreadiness quotient is 4.1% for Whites, 6.3% for Asians, 8.5% for Hispanics and 8.7% for African-Americans.

The date is as of 2/1/09. The baseline 5.1% represents a steady, and healthy, downward trend, from 5.7% 1/18/09 and 6.8% 12/21/08. Hispanics have improved greatly in that span, moving from 11.5% to 9.7% to the current 8.5%.

The most endangered DMA at the moment is Albuquerque-Santa Fe NM, with an unreadiness quotient of 12.63%. Hartford-New Haven CT is best, with a mere 1.37%. For Nielsen’s full report, go here:

NAB also released information based on its own polling, revealing that 97% of all Americans are aware of the DTV transition, and that 8 of 10 endangered viewers have taken steps to remedy the situation. Pollster Seth Geiger, who conducted the NAB survey, said, “These findings make clear that there is universal awareness of the DTV transition, with most Americans having gotten the message, understanding what they need to do and taking steps to ensure their homes are ready.”