DTV doings


The NAB wants the CEA to make sure there is plenty of consumer DTV equipment on the shelves; analog shutdowns are being set for Washington DC, San Diego CA; Hispanic Telemundo Network is using a week of primetime to emphasize the upcoming changes; Noncommercial stations in Maine are taking the DTV plunge over a month ahead of the deadline; and a website with nothing whatsoever to do with the transition may be misleading some consumers.

* NAB President/CEO David K. Rehr fired off a letter to his opposite number at the CEA, Gary Shapiro, urging him to make sure retailers are well stocked with digital-to-analog converter boxes and digital televisions as the holiday gift-giving season winds down and the DTV deadline approaches.

* Washington DC television stations will run DTV tests 12/15/08, 12/17/08 and 12/23/08. Viewers will find out if they are digitally prepped or not, with the unready getting a referral to for further information.

* San Diego stations are planning a pair of analog shutdown tests, on 12/17/09 and 1/14/09. 50K households there are believed to be off-air analog-only.

* Five stations in the Maine Public Broadcasting Network are switching to all-digital early, on 1/11/09, to give viewers time to relocate those of their channels that are moving to a new dial position, thus avoiding confusion and adding dual-stream capability for the net’s highly popular broadcasts of the Maine Principals’ Association High School Invitational Basketball Tournament, which tips off 2/18/09, the day after the DV deadline.

* NBCU’s Telemundo Network will be focusing on the transition every day in primetime from 12/15/087 through 12/21/08, using its top talent to drive the message home to its Hispanic viewers.

* Several stations are warning viewers looking for DTV information online to make sure they go to, not, as is commonly down by mistake. The latter incorrect url takes one to a site offering thousands of stations delivered to your computer, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the DTV transition.