DTV hot spots identified


Regarding the DTV transition, the NTIA has compiled a list of 28 markets of concern and the FCC has made a list of 40, where there is a noxious combination of high off-air viewing and low converter box coupon activity. There are 49 total, including many of the largest markets, and many with high concentrations of Hispanic viewers. For a complete list, click the headline.

The markets so identified will be specially targeted for educational efforts.

Coupon requests have leveled out at about 60K per day. The average for the past 30 days has been about 56.6K daily, with an uptick to about 62.5L daily during the last week.

The mini-conversion coming up on 4/16/09 will involve 84 stations, according to NAB. It says that 19 are network affiliates, 24 are noncoms and 41 are indies.

Markets on the bubble
These markets have been identified by NTIA, the FCC or both as being in need of special educational efforts in advance of the 6/12/09 DTV transition.

Albuquerque-Santa Fe (both)

Anchorage AK (NTIA only)

Atlanta GA (FCC only)

Baltimore MD (both)

Birmingham AL (FCC only)

Boise ID (NTIA only)

Boston MA (FCC only)

Charleston WV (FCC only)

Chicago IL (FCC only)

Cincinnati OH (FCC only)

Cleveland-Akron (Canton) OH (both)

Colorado Springs-Pueblo CO (NTIA only)

Dallas-Ft. Worth TX

Dayton OH (FCC only)

Denver CO (both)

Des Moines-Ames IA (NTIA only)

Detroit MI (FCC only)

Fresno-Visalia CA (both)

Houston TX (both)

Harlingen-McAllen-Brownsville TX (both)

Indianapolis IN (both)

Jacksonville FL (FCC only)

Joplin MO-Pittsburg KS (NTIA only)

Kansas City MO (FCC only)

Las Vegas NM (NTIA only)

Los Angeles CA (both)

Louisville KY (FCC only)

Memphis TN (FCC only)

Miami FL (FCC only)

Milwaukee WI (FCC only)

Minneapolis-St. Paul MN (both)

Monroe LA-El Dorado AR (NTIA only)

Monterey-Salinas CA (NTIA only)

Nashville TN (FCC only)

New York NY (FCC only)

Orlando FL (FCC only)

Philadelphia PA (FCC only)

Phoenix AZ (both)

Pittsburgh PA (FCC only)

Portland OR (both)

Tulsa OK (both)

Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto CA (both)

St. Louis MO (both)

San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA (both)

San Juan PR (FCC only)

Salt Lake City UT (both)

Seattle-Tacoma WA (both)

Springfield MO (NTIA only)

Washington DC (FCC only)