DTV Speakers Bureau fans out


A 50-state educational campaign featuring almost 1,000 knowledgeable broadcasters will be running this week straight through 2/17/08, the t-minus one year and counting date for the end of analog television. The goal is to make local citizens more knowledgeable about the transition. The speakers represent about 600 television stations, and will be meeting the public at planned gatherings throughout the week. To date, the DTV Speakers Burean has put 1.2K such meetings on the schedule on the way to a target of 8K sessions.

NAB President/CEO David K. Rehr said, "We believe that face-to-face contact is one of the most effective ways to communicate details about the DTV transition to viewers on both a local and national level."

Just about any type of community gathering place, from a nursing home to a public school to a service club, is being targeted for a DTV session. NAB is encouraging officials of such organizations to schedule an event. Information is available at