DTV station status update


Some of the 123 stations put on hold by the FCC will be allowed to turn off their analog signals tomorrow after all. First off, the FCC reviewed its own calculations and reduced the list to 106. Of those, 53 have gotten the green light to terminate their analog transmissions on February 17th, 43 have decided to keep their analog transmitters operating and the status of 10 is still being determined.

The FCC has okayed 53 stations to go ahead and terminate their analog service tomorrow. Those stations have certified that they will comply with the public interest provisions spelled out by the FCC last week. That includes a requirement that at least one station in the DMA continues analog service with, at a minimum, emergency information and DTV transition advisories. Here is the list of stations that have now complied with those provisions and will sign off regular analog service tomorrow.

Here, then, is the list of 43 stations which have decided not to terminate analog service on February 17th after all.

And finally, this is the list of 10 stations which made alternative showings to the FCC. The Commission has not yet decided whether they will be allowed to terminate analog tomorrow.