Now Due Friday: FCC Regulatory Fees


Attending the Radio Show and need to sign off on all regulatory payments to the FCC?

Head’s up: The FCC says that regulatory fees for fiscal year 2019 must be submitted by 10:59pm Central time on Friday, September 27.

The Report and Order setting forth the fees can be found here.


This was shifted from Tuesday, likely due to the Radio Show’s start date in Dallas.

Fee amounts for radio stations can be found in Appendix C and fees for television stations are listed by call sign in Appendix J.

The FCC has also released two Fact Sheets specific to broadcasting, What You Owe – Media Services Licensees for FY 2019 and Regulatory Fee Exemptions for FY 2019, as well as a document that describes Payment Methods and Procedures For Fiscal Year 2019 Regulatory Fees.

The FCC will not issue bills for regulatory fees, so it is a station’s duty to determine the amount owed.

Please visit the FCC’s automated filing and payment system (Fee Filer) to remit payment. Late payments will incur a penalty of 25% of the unpaid amount to be assessed on the first day following the deadline for submitting payment. Checks, money orders and cashier’s checks will not be accepted as means of payment for regulatory fees. It is the responsibility of licensees to make sure that their electronic payments are made timely and the transaction is completed by the due date.

Under the FCC’s de minimis exemption, certain entities whose annual regulatory fees total $1,000 or less are exempt from paying regulatory fees. Stations are responsible for evaluating their fee liability each year to determine if the entity still qualifies for the exemption and must be prepared to provide supporting documentation to the FCC upon request.

Stations should contact the FCC’s Financial Operations Help Desk with any questions regarding regulatory fees at (877) 480-3201 or email inquiries to [email protected].