Dueling talkers join for healthcare townhall


Two Chicago Talk stations with decidedly different leanings in their programming are getting together for a joint broadcast to debate healthcare in America. Left-wing WCPT-AM & FM, owned by Newsweb Radio, and WIND-AM, owned by Salem Communications, have set the one-hour “Radio Townhall Meeting” for this coming Friday, September 11th, at 4:00 pm CT, with a nationwide simulcast, since the Talk hosts involved are Salem’s Michael Medved and Dial-Global’s Thom Hartmann.

Hartmann and Medved are no strangers to one another. Both appeared in Chicago earlier this year in a free-wheeling “Great Debate” which took on many issues facing Americans. Over one thousand listeners attended the live discussion between Medved and Hartmann in March of 2009. General Managers Dave Santrella of WIND and Harvey Wells of WCPT have continued to look for ways to bring these two personalities and their respective radio stations audiences back together and decided that the healthcare debate is the most logical and the most important way to accomplish that goal.

In Chicago, both WIND and WCPT will carry the debate live. The show will also be heard on the over 140 radio stations nationally which carry the Michael Medved show.