DVR subscriber households to be 35% by 2011


MAGNA Global has released its most recent On-Demand Quarterly update to account for the most recently completed quarter. Their 2011 forecast for head-end based and set-top box DVR subscriber households is 40.3 million (34.9% of TV households), up from their estimate of 20.2 million (18.5% of TV households) at the end of the Q1 '07

By 2011, they expect that true VOD (distinct from the simulated VOD offered by DBS providers DirecTV and EchoStar) will reach 62.8 million households (approximately 54.3% of television households and 95.8% of all cable and telco subs).  This compares with 31.5 million VOD households (28.7% of total TV households and 46.0% of all cable and telco subs) at the end of the Q1 '07.

As of the end of March, they estimated that 59 million households had broadband access out of 115.8 million total households.  They estimate that internet access They estimate that DirecTV added more than 300,000 DVR subscribers, with most of these additions coming from the approximately one third of new customers who take either HD and/or DVR service when signing up.  By their estimates, the company now has approximately 4.2 million households with DVRs (25.7% of total subscribers),

Despite a smaller overall subscriber base, similar dynamics are driving EchoStar to accumulate 4.8 million DVR households (35.9% of total subs).

Comcast is now the leading provider of DVRs and VOD among cable operators.  The company reported adding 535,000 HD and/or DVR during the first quarter of 2007, and they with approximately 400,000 DVR additions by their estimates, the company now has 3.2 million DVR homes (equal to 13.2% of its total customer base),
With its industry-leading VOD service, Comcast reported serving 203 million VOD views in March 2007, and 219 million views in April 2007 (up from 144 million and 128 million in March 2006 and April 2006 respectively). These figures equate to approximately 17 VOD views per VOD-enabled household during the month of April 2007.