E! looks at famous commercial actors


Chances are you haven’t heard of Jonathan Goldsmith, Farris Patton or Sacheen Padilla, but if you’ve watched television lately, we’d be willing to bet you’ve seen them. An E! Entertainment Special June 15th looks at famous faces from commercials and reveals the actors whose fame is confined to 30-second spots.

Being “the most interesting man in the world” has its perks – but it took Jonathan Goldsmith four decades to achieve them. In his early years he enjoyed moderate success as an actor playing bit parts, usually as a villain, in TV and small films. Fast-forward a few decades and now, after booking one particular beer commercial, Goldsmith is stopped on the street, asked for autographs and brings home a hefty residual paycheck. “My world has changed completely,” he says.

Patton keeps “dirty mouths” clean and “fabulous” and Padilla playfully spars with William Shatner as sexy “Naomi Pryce.”

Also featured in the special is the actor “dude” who was made famous for selling computers. E! examines how his life changed after the successful campaign and where his career is today.

Viewers of  “30 Seconds To Stardom: Commercials’ Most Famous Faces” will also get a chance to see a number of commercials starring some of today’s biggest names back from their days “pounding the pavement.”  Among others, the special shows Steve Carrell hawking chicken, Leighton Meester selling facewash and Taylor Momson playing in the kitchen – all before they  were household names and just like any other LA hopeful,  praying to make it big.

The unique look at the world of commercial actors premieres on June 15th at 10:00 pm ET/PT on E!