Eagle soars with three-station buy in Kansas


Radio group Eagle Communications already has two stations in the Salina-Manhattan KS Arbitron market, but it will shoot up to five once it closes on its acquisition of a trio from Platinum Broadcasting Inc.

The stations are KJCK AM-FM Junction City KS and KQLA-FM Ogden KS. Eagle will pay a cool $3.5M cash to add them to its portfolio.

The seller is headed by Mike Daniels.

Eagle, which operates a multitude of radio stations in various locations in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri, is owned 63.81% by an ESOP headed by Gary D. Shorman and Joseph W. Jeter. The other principal owner is Robert E. Schmidt, who holds 35.96% of the company.

The stations will add to Talk KINA-AM and Country KSCG-FM. KJCK-AM is also a Talk station, KJCK-FM plays CHR and KQLA-FM is an AC outlet.

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