Early Mover Policy Kicking in for WLAJ


moving_truckThe ABC affiliate for the Lansing MI DMA operates at the top of the television spectrum band, abutting territory claimed by the wireless community. And the FCC is easing its path to a lower perch on the dial.

The station is WLAJ, the ABC affiliate for the Michigan capital city.

It is owned by Shield Media and its operations are assisted by Media General in tandem with its own CBS WLNS.

The station operates on Channel 51, and has asked to move to Channel 25.

The FCC concurred, noting that it will allow wireless companies with holdings in the abutting 700 MHz band to start building it out a an earlier date than would otherwise be possible. By the FCC’s lights, that is clearly in the public interest.

The move will be considered to be approved upon publishing in the Federal Register. At that point, the station will have 30 days to get it construction permit paperwork in to the FCC and get the move under way.