Eastlan adds half-dozen markets


While Arbitron continues to roll out Portable People Meter (PPM) markets and Nielsen is entering its second year of competing in the US radio ratings marketplace, Eastlan Ratings is continuing to quietly add markets. In fact, it is reporting ratings for more markets than Nielsen.

Eastlan announced Thursday that it has added six new markets. In one case it will again be competing head-to-head with Arbitron – that’s in Casper, WY, which ranks as market #300 out of 300 for Arbitron. The other five new markets for Eastlan are Elko, NV; Fairbanks, AK; Klamath Falls, OR; Owensboro, KY; and St. Cloud, MN.

By our count, Eastlan delivered ratings for 59 markets in 2009, so this brings its current market count to 65. Nielsen is in 51 US radio markets and Arbitron, as mentioned, 300.

“We view it as a tremendous compliment to be chosen to help small & medium market broadcasters restore their revenue streams. It is an exciting time to be associated with the radio industry as committed local broadcasters in smaller markets are busy re-inventing how business is done. On many occasions over the years, small market local broadcasters have been the pioneers in initiating meaningful change that ultimately spreads throughout the entire radio community. I think we are in the midst of another of those periods right now,” said Eastlan Ratings President and CEO Mike Gould.

Eastlan’s Spring ratings period continues through May 26, 2010.