Eastlan signs long-term deals


Galaxy Communications and GAP West have reached long-term agreements with Eastlan Ratings to provide audience measurement research to their companies. "Stop laying off your hard-working radio staff and hire Eastlan to be your ratings provider,” said Galaxy Communications CEO Ed Levine, who has been a strong promoter of the service since he quit the Arbitron Radio Advisory Board in 2006 and brought Eastlan into the Syracuse market.

“We signed with Eastlan in Syracuse at the end of 2006. Our 2007 BCF grew 4.3% in a flat overall market while of 2008 BCF has climbed 9.4% in a market that is down over 5%. If we had not switched ratings vendors, this type of growth would not have been possible. It’s very clear to us, Eastlan saves radio jobs!" said Levine.

GAP West will use Eastlan Ratings in a number of markets concentrated in the West

"It’s exciting to be able to help broadcasters save staff positions and grow their business, especially during tough times," said Eastlan Ratings President/CEO Mike Gould. "Our primary mission is providing R-O-I for small and medium market broadcasters. The events of this week have only served to solidify our commitment to this principal,” he added.