Eastlan using the web to boost young demo response


Eastlan RatingsRadio ratings firm Eastlan uses the telephone as its primary research tool. But now, after six months of testing, it is going to weave the internet into the methodology, primarily to get greater participation from young radio listeners.

The new technique will come into play during the Spring 2014 ratings cycle.

Eastlan Chief Technology Officer Bert Hambleton explained, “e-surveys will not replace our current methodology but rather enhance it. The portion of survey respondents recruited electronically will have the choice to participate via the e-survey or through a callback on their cell phone. Our primary objective with this new innovation was to increase the participation among young radio listeners whose primary phone is an out-of-market cell. The process has worked very well.”

President/CEO Mike Gould added, “It is incumbent upon ratings providers to reach a sample that is as representative of the local market composition as possible-wide and varied. Being able to recruit and survey electronically, in addition to our telephone based methodology, will absolutely improve the long-term viability of our affordable radio ratings service. We’re pleased to be first to offer this make-sense innovation to radio broadcasters outside the PPM jungle. Best of all, we can do so without raising our rates.”