EB posse rounds up four more retailers


The list of six consumer electronics vendors cited for unlabeled analog-only equipment has grown to ten. The FCC's Enforcement Bureau wants to make sure that citizens are warned that a television receiver without a digital tuner may well black out on 2/17/09, requiring that retailers prominently display warnings to that effect near the items. The FCC's EB is content to hand out citations for now, but is threatening higher impact action the next time around. Fines for violation of the labeling requirement amount to a maximum of 11K per instance, with a 97.5K ceiling on a fine for a single continuing violation. The first group to get caught included Kmart, CompUSA, RadioShack, Best Buy, Circuit City and Target. The FCC has now added Amazon.com, Sears Roebuck, J&R Electronics and Fry's Electronics to the list.