eBay exec fuels governor campaign with radio


Meg Whitman was known mainly known as the former CEO of internet marketplace eBay – that is until she began pouring cash into California radio to instill in the minds of voters the idea that she is front-runner for the Republican nod to run for governor of California. And guess what – she is the front-runner.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Whitman enjoys a 45% to 17% polling advantage over her nearest intramural rival, state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. The primary isn’t going to be held until June.

38% of the response went to that perennial early fave known as “undecided.”

Whitman is said to have put over $20M of her own money into the campaign. Poizner, also very well-to-do, has thrown in $19M himself, but has not yet started advertising, giving Whitman the opportunity to use the airwaves for the early jump into the lead.

Hitting the major markets in California over the course of a week was said to be about a $500K proposition.

RBR-TVBR observation: If this campaign isn’t a testimonial to the value and ROI of radio, than we don’t know what would be. Observers have noted that Whitman’s competition had better start responding quickly, and they are right — or the battle will be over before it starts.