Eck named Peacock prez


John Eck has been promoted to President, NBC TV Network and Media Works, taking over part of the portfolio previously held by Jay Ireland, who is now heading GE Asset Management. John Wallace was previously named President of the O&O TV stations group (7/19/07 TVBR #140). Eck continues to oversee Media Works, the largest studio operations group in North America, where he has been President since July 2005, and adds responsibilities for the NBC Television Network's relationship with its more than 200 broadcast affiliate partners, and for the NBC Network Operations group.

"John is a skilled and experienced television executive who has been a key part of our leadership team for more than a decade. He's been responsible for operational advancements that have been crucial to our success. I'm thrilled to be able to add these two key functions to his areas of executive responsibility," said Jeff Zucker, President and CEO, NBC Universal.

In addition to overseeing the formation of Media Works in 2005 and serving as Chief Information Officer for NBC Universal, Eck created the Technology Growth Center, which supports Digital Media, the company's Content Protection and Policy efforts, and NBCU's research and development activities in conjunction with GE's Global Research Center. Prior to that, Eck was President of Television and Studio Operations. Even earlier he served for seven years as President of NBC Broadcast & Network Operations.