Economic Concerns, And What That Means to Radio’s C-Suite


According to research, 75% of consumers worldwide expect brands to deliver more than a great product, service, or even “experience.” Today, more than ever, they expect brands to contribute to their well-being and quality of life as well.

That’s especially true of millennials: 71 percent say they prefer brands that drive social and environmental change.

If your customers matter — and if your bottom line matters — here is a must-attend session at the must-attend event of the year to put on your calendar today.

Bob Liodice, CEO of the Association of National Advertisers and co-chair of Forecast 2020, will present a special presentation, “Being a Force for Good to Drive Growth,” at this year’s Forecast conference on Nov. 20 at the Harvard Club in New York City.

It’s a topic that’s getting a lot of attention everywhere these days, from executive boardrooms to social media sites. And, it’s not simply an idealistic concept; it’s smart marketing at the bottom line. A study by Interbrand found that brands with a purpose focused on improving consumers’ quality of life outperform the stock market by 120 percent.

In a July interview in Forbes, Bob offered this compelling perspective:

The concept that a brand can be a force for good AND a force for growth at the same time began to take hold as a differentiating strategy. To align a brand as something more than just for the purposes of making profit became an exceptionally appealing arena. Marketers essentially embrace the consumer in a unique way that isn’t necessarily tied to traditional marketing. Doing so puts the perception of that brand on a very different plane. And I think marketers, for the first time, are acknowledging this strategy as superior. 

Bob shares why brands and businesses looking to make a difference in society must deeply connect with the passions and values of their customers.

And what Bob shares will provide an eye-opener for radio executives searching for how to best capture and connect with audiences who have more choices than ever across an expanding number of platforms and content providers.

How can radio keep and enhance the one-on-one, intimate relationship it has enjoyed for almost 100 years with listeners? And why is that more important today than ever before?

Find out when Bob Liodice takes the stage at Forecast 2020.


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Forecast 2020
November 20, 2019
Harvard Club
New York