Ed Christian on national and local business


In yesterday's Saga Communications Q2 conference call, CEO Ed Christian mentioned that in speaking with Katz Media CEO Stu Olds recently on national business, Christian noted Olds said the number of spots sold this year is higher than last year. However, each month Katz goes in about 5% below last year on pre-booking. "So not only do they start with a -5, we also have the introduction of the :30s, which have hurt the average rate in the marketplace. So that's part of the issue."

He added that local radio has to re-invent itself and quit only going for the low-hanging fruit. "We have made this commitment to go out and do the developmental calls that are necessary to restore the growth in this industry."

He says it can be done, radio just got lazy. The number of cold calls and spec spots required for each AE each week to develop new revenue need to go up. He added they are adding internet audio stream ad insertion devices on two to three stations per week via Ando Media (7/26/07 RBR #146).