Ed Markey wins senate primary


Ed MarkeyIt was an easy win for Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) in the race to get the democratic nod to fill the seat once occupied by Secretary of State John Kerry and is now temporarily filled by William Cowan (D-MA). The question is, will Markey, who is expected to have another easy contest against his Republican opponent, move from one commerce committee to the other.

Gabriel Gomez won the Republican nomination.

Markey has a long history as a prime player in communications legislation from the House side of Capital Hill, and is a former leader of the Democratic caucus in the all-important Communications subcommittee.

Currently House leadership in Communications rests with Anna Eshoo (D-MA) as Markey moved to a new assignment.

However, Cowan is currently assigned to both the Senate Commerce Committee and the Senate Communications Subcommittee, so it would be easy as pie to simply slide Markey into the seat Cowan is currently keeping warm should he live up to expectations and win the seat.