Educational Media Foundation expands in Ohio


Non-profit Christian radio service Educational Media Foundation, which is known for its K-LOVE radio network, has a deal with The Cedarville University that will bring in four full power FMs and 10 translators covering parts of Ohio.

The crown jewel of the full-power foursome is WCDR-FM in Cedarville – it is the only one of the quartet that throws a 60 dBu signal over rated territory, which in its case happens to be the city of Dayton. It’s a Class B that is going to 43 kW @ 358’ HAAT on 90.3 MHz.

The other stations are all Class As: 90.1 WOHC-FM Chillicothe, south of Columbus; 88.3 WOHP-FM Portsmouth, east of Cincinnati; and 90.7 WOCU-FM CP Sinking Spring, which will be located across the Ohio River from Kentucky and not particularly near any Arbitron zone.

The deal is valued at $2.35M. EMF will pay cash, less a $50K credit for agreeing to take the WOHP facility on an “as is” basis. The contract mentions only “certain engineering issues.”

One thing EMF will not get is the call letters to the crown jewel. The WCDR identifiers will stay with Cedarville U. – but this is likely no sweat at all to EMF, which generally applies for new call letters that call attention to its own identity when it makes one of its many acquisitions.