eFoodSafety launches radio effort for Cinnechol


eFoodSafety.com, a researcher, developer, and marketer of whole foods and nutraceutical products, announced that its half-hour radio show campaign for its all-natural product Cinnechol had commenced the weekend of August 23 and 24th, on schedule based on the company’s previous news release, with airing to continue.

The rollout began with the show playing on carefully selected stations located in highly populated demographic areas around the country.

The Cinnechol radio show is presented as an interview program along with call-in testimonials. The initial radio shows were focused in ten markets and on twenty-three different stations. The markets included stations in New York, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, and Washington, DC.

The radio shows will primarily play on Saturday and Sunday, although some weekday shows will air in other selected markets. The number of stations airing the Cinnechol show is expected to grow systematically each weekend. Ultimately, the direct response half-hour show is expected to be heard on several hundred radio stations throughout the US. As it hits the company’s projected goals, the Cinnechol campaign will be heard by millions of people each week.