Eight more markets start seeing PPM data


With 25 markets already using Portable People Meter (PPM) data as ratings currency – although only two are accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) – eight more markets began receiving pre-currency PPM data with the release of October data. In Arbitron’s monthly PPM client conference call, the company reported that all eight are fully installed, ranging from Las Vegas with 877 panelists, 101% of its target of 870, to Cleveland at 1,560 panelists, 115% of its 1,355 target. The other new markets scheduled to have PPM as currency effective with the release of December data are Cincinnati, Kansas City, Portland, OR, Sacramento, Salt Lake City and San Antonio.

You may remember that when Arbitron launched PPM, it stated that because of the change from diaries, ad buyers could find that 70 gross rating points (GRPs) under PPM could equal 100 GRPs in the same market previously under diary measurement. The mat was explained in a guest article for RBR-TVBR by Kim Vasey of mediaedge:cia.

In Monday’s client call, Arbitron Sr. VP of Marketing Bill Rose said with PPM now in many more markets, “what we’re seeing in fact for Persons 25-54 the conversion across the 30 markets is 86, on average.”