El Cucuy joins Dreams Across America Tour


Renán Almendárez Coello, El Cucuy, star of Spanish-language radio show, 'El Cucuy de la Mañana' of SBS' LaRaza KLAX-FM LA, joined the nationwide 'Dreams Across America Tour' kick off a live broadcast in San Jose yesterday.

Renan, immigrants, American-born citizens, community leaders, labor unions, faith leaders, advocates, and business owners gathered for a press conference to kickoff the tour-a nationwide journey via train that will educate the public to dispel myths, give real facts, and share personal stories about the need for just and humane immigration reform in this country.

In seven days (June 13th- 20th) via 10 cities, the tour will bring together 100  diverse individuals from throughout the country referred to as Dreamers. They'll  share compelling stories and reinforce what no matter the background, immigrant or native born, we all cherish the values that make this country prosper.