El Cucuy leaves SBS to build his own network


One Way Communications announced that after more than two decades as one of the top-ranked talk show hosts in the country, Renan Almendarez Coello, ElCucuy de la Manana, is leaving SBS LA’s La Raza 97.9 FM, the station that he’s been at for the last five years.    

Monday was the last day the "Master Communicator" transmitted from the La Raza studio. ElCucuy is going to follow his dream of building his own radio network. He currently co-owns a radio station in New Mexico. He also plans to  develop new talent under his record label, Michel Productions. 

Almendarez will continue production of his television show, Azte paca, on Azteca America and his humanitarian work through the El Cucuy Foundation that has projects in the United States, Mexico, Central America and Indonesia. He will also be working with Clinica Mi Doctor in Tijuana  that focuses on bringing medical services to the Hispanic community on both sides of the border which has been his life-long dream.