El Pollo Loco attempts record-breaking; adds campaign


As part of the launch of its “El Pollo Loco ¡Feel the Mexcellence!” effort, the flame-grilled chicken restaurant recently erected a 25-foot bow drill, a fire-making tool, in an attempt to break the existing Guinness World Record for the largest one out there, which boasts a height of 16.4 feet.
As part of an event open to the public, the chain gathered more than 50 El Pollo Loco crewmembers at its West Sunset Blvd. location in LA to vigorously pull the ropes of the giant bow drill and try to generate enough friction to create fire. While the attempt was not successful, if it was, the flame would have been placed on El Pollo Loco-wrapped Vespas to signify the spreading of flame to El Pollo Loco restaurants north, east, south and west so all restaurants are symbolically united by the same flame– hand made by its employees.

“While we didn’t break the world record, we certainly had fun trying.  Bringing together our most exceptional employees from El Pollo Loco’s 400 restaurants generated a level of camaraderie that inspired our entire team,” El Pollo Loco’s Julie Weeks told RBR-TVBR.

The event was filmed and will be featured in new television commercials via AOR Hollywood-based goodness Mfg.

Julie told us about the media buy:
“At this time, the new commercials are scheduled to air beginning July 11 in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, Las Vegas, Portland**, Reno, Rio Grande Valley*, Sacramento, San Antonio*, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara.
* English TV only
** Spanish TV only
All other areas are scheduled to run commercials on both English and Spanish TV We also plan to record and run new radio spots in Salinas, Palm Springs and San Francisco.”

Escalating cheers and excitement from crowds as El Pollo Loco crew members pull the ropes of a massive 25-foot bow drill until an ember possibly emerges