El Pollo Loco challenges KFC


In what promises to be the ultimate battle of the birds, El Pollo Loco is challenging fried chicken chain KFC to a public, side-by-side taste test that will settle the question of which restaurant delivers on the promise of real grilled flavor.

Said Steve Carley, chief executive officer of El Pollo Loco: “Let’s see if our opponent is too chicken to go it toe-to-toe– or rather leg-to-leg– in a taste test. You just can’t fake the taste an open flame gives fresh, natural marinated chicken, certainly not when you use an oven for grilling.”

Beginning this week, Carley will throw down the gauntlet in a TV ad campaign challenging KFC to the Taste the Fire taste test. Carley will even have a designated hotline for the competitor to call to set up the showdown: 1-877-EPL-STEVE.

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