Electronics are hot sellers this holiday season


The number one product category that will be finding its way to a presumably delighted gift recipient (how’s that for journalistic-taking-nothing-for-granted) is clothing (it could be a pink bunny suit!). But next in line is the electronics category, according to CEA, and at least 118M consumers are still buying.

CEA says Black Friday got the category off to a very good start, and by the time the shopping season is over, almost half of all shoppers – 48% — will have made a consumer electronics purchase. The average CE expenditure of $246 constitutes a 6% increase over 2010 results.

The top CE products being sold this year include:
* Digital Cameras
* Video game consoles
* Accessories (such as cables and cases)
* Televisions
* Notebook/laptop computers
* Smartphones
* MP3 players
* e-Readers
* Tablet computers

RBR-TVBR observation: The only traditional medium represented on the latest CEA list is television – but there are several items that can feature broadcast radio and television programming. Broadcasters need to continue to do whatever they can to build a high-profile presence wherever possible.

Broadcasters remember, the more you know about the consumer and their buying intentions and behavior the better your local sales efforts will increase. It is all about the Consumer!

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