Elgin Zereck seeking airplay for new song


Car RadioProducer Elgin Zerick has moved from the control board to the microphone and has his own tune to promote – and to that end, he’s sending the song to PDs at Top 40 and Rhythmic stations across the US, hoping for airplay.

Zerick issued a press release announcing his intention – here is his, not our, headline: “Famed Producer/Recording Artist Elgin Zerick’s Single ‘Top of the World’ Launches On US Radio Campaign To Rhythmic/Top 40 Stations”

The tune has been available in a video and online for some time, but despite this exposure, Zerick is still seeking airplay.

The release stated, “The single’s official US radio launch is creating buzz with the single being introduced to the PDs of the top terrestrial stations serving rhythmic and Top 40 hit record airplay. Zerick’s select management team for promotions and marketing is led by Thompkins Marketing and AWJ Platinum PR with ‘Top of the World’ already beginning early rotation.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Members of the congressional judiciary committees, please take note of this. The next time some recording company tries to tell you that radio airplay has no value and the only fair arrangement is for radio stations to pay when they air a song, ask them why members of the recording community are going out of their way to get airplay?

We remained amazed that the recording industry is able to attack radio for playing its music at the same time it is begging radio to play its music. Stunning.