Ellen DeGeneres is top TV personality


Ellen DegeneresThe latest Harris Poll survey of television personality star power shows daytime talker Ellen DeGeneres on top, displacing and trading places with Mark Harmon, who is now #2. Click through for the top ten and various demo leaders.

Jon Stewart came in at #3, placing him at the top of the heap of late night talkers. Jay Leno (4) and David Letterman (9) are also still on the list.

There are two new additions to the list, Anderson Cooper and Tom Selleck. Missing are Hugh Laurie and Stephen Colbert.

Here is the top ten for 2012, with their 2011 rank in parens.
1. Ellen DeGeneres (2)
2. Mark Harmon (1)
3. Jon Stewart (3)
4. Jay Leno (5)
5. Jim Parsons (9)
6. Bill O’Reilly (4)
7. Anderson Cooper (-)
8. Oprah Winfrey (7)
9. David Letterman (6)
10. Tom Selleck (-)
Source: Harris Poll

Now, the #1 personality for various demographic categories:
Men: Mark Harmon
Women: Ellen DeGeneres
Echo Boomers: Ellen DeGeneres
Gen X: Ellen DeGeneres
Baby Boomers: Mark Harmon
Matures: Mark Harmon
Republicans: Ellen DeGeneres/Bill O’Reilly
Democrats: Ellen DeGeneres
Independents: Mark Harmon
Conservatives: Bill O’Reilly
Moderates: Ellen DeGeneres/Mark Harmon
Liberals: Jon Stewart
HHs with children: Ellen DeGeneres
HHs without children: Mark Harmon
East: Mark Harmon/Jon Stewart
Midwest: Ellen DeGeneres
South: Ellen DeGeneres
West: Ellen DeGeneres
High School or less: Ellen DeGeneres
Some college: Ellen DeGeneres
College graduate: Bill O’Reilly
Post graduate: Jon Stewart
Source: Harris Poll