EMF grabs Texas FM twosome at a discount


SoldKeeping up the payments on a deal for KRZS-FM Hunt TX and KHLB-FM Mason TX proved unmanageable, and a new deal is now filed with the FCC. The combination of experienced group owner Educational Media Foundation on the buyer’s side and a reduced price should allow this one to stick.

The seller is Munbilla Kerrville Ltd. and Munbilla Broadcasting Properties Ltd. respectively, both of which are headed by B. Shane Fox.

The stations were sold back in the summer of 2010 to Tom, Rick and Harley. The price for KRZS was $675K, $595K of which was in the form of seller paper; and KHLB went for $50K, with $45K coming in seller paper. Those total to $725K and $620K.

The stations reverted back to Munbilla last summer.

Now, EMF has stepped forward to claim them. This time, the price for both will be $170K cash.

KRZS-FM is the weaker signal of the two, but enjoys a much better location. It is not in an Arbitron market, but is just to the northwest of San Antonio. It’s a Class C3 on 99.9 MHz with 11 kW @ 423’.

KHLB-FM is located to the north of KRZS. It’s a Class C2 on 102.5 MHz with 26 kW @ 630’.

EMF has applied for main studio waivers for both, making them satellites of KLRD-FM Yuicaipa CA, which is roughly 1,450 miles away from each station. They will both become affiliates of EMF’s AIR-1 network. A local public affairs representative will be available for each station (this individual may be a volunteer) who will interview and survey local citizens to make sure the stations are addressing their needs.