EMF moves into Columbia MO market


SoldThe insatiable noncommercial Christian radio group Educational Media Foundation has found yet another station to buy, this time serving the Columbia MO market. EMF will buy on either side of the commercial/noncommercial divide, and this one is on the commercial side, but just barely.

In fact, the station, KMFC-FM Centralia MO is the reserved band’s next-door neighbor at 92.1, first-adjacent to the 91.9 MHz upper reach of the noncom band.

The seller is The Clair Group LP, headed by Lisa Clair.

EMF is headed by Mike Novak and is primarily known for its Christian networks K-LOVE and Air1.

The price, according to Patrick Communications brokers Greg Guy and Jason James, will be $515K.

KMFC is a Class C3 on 92.1 MHz as mentioned, with 16 kW @ 400’. Its signal is centered to the northeast of Columbia, close enough to throw its main contour over the entire city. If does not make it far enough to the south of Columbia to also pull in Jefferson City.

The station already uses a Christian format.