Emmis about to perform bellwether role


Emmis CommunicationsThe heavy-duty portion of the quarterly results season is still over a month away, but for Emmis, results will be reported in a matter of days. The company traditionally provides a first glance at results for the preceding quarter.
Presiding over the event will be Emmis Chairman/Chief Executive Officer Jeff Smulyan and Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer Patrick Walsh.

The call with analysts, shareholders and other interested parties will be held at 9AM eastern, Friday 6/28/13.
The earliest scheduled results conference calls we have seen otherwise are on the calendar for the very end of July and early August.

RBR-TVBR observation: Emmis’s results have not been as useful as a guage for the industry as a whole during the past few years as it worked through a number of challenging corporate and operational issues. It was able to address many of these issues during 2012, leading RBR-TVBR to believe that it will once more be a useful indicator as to which direction the revenue winds are blowing.