Emmis keeps 'RXP alive online


As mentioned in a related story, Merlin Media’s current LMA with Emmis in New York City, WRXP-FM, is now stunting as a Hot AC. But ‘RXP is still online and being managed by Emmis/Emmis Interactive. Most of the talent is still there, as well–at least on the website. www.1019RXP.com still streams online and via existing iPhone and Android mobile apps. 

“We look forward to continuing to serve WRXP’s more than two million listeners by streaming RXP online at 1019RXP.com as well as through the RXP app for iPhone and Droid users,” said Patrick Walsh, CFO/COO at Emmis. “We recognize that RXP passionate fan base loves the station and we look forward to continue to deliver a quality product to these listeners.”

However, WRXP on-air talent (“Anything, Anything”) Rich Russo tells RBR-TVBR: “From what I’ve been hearing, none of the jocks are involved, it’s just basically going to be a streaming jukebox based in Austin..playing ‘RXP type music.”

So time will tell what the station will end up doing online, but if you want to keep the listeners, you might want to keep the talent as well.

Says Chase Rupe, VP/Programming & Operations for Emmis: “As competitors are moving in on the land rush to grab the next bit of real estate focused on delivering audio content on multiple platforms, we are fortunate to have big brands with impressive local and national followings that we can continue to serve and expand upon.  RXP is one of our strongest brands and we are excited to keep it alive in the hearts and ears of its loyal followers in New York and around the world.”