Emmis launches "Loud Digital Network"


Emmis Communications is getting into the vertical integration game: With strong brands like Hot 97 in NYC and Power 106 in LA, Emmis is looking to build on the attracting millions of young folks to its websites by launching the Loud Digital Network. It’s a vertically integrated online entertainment network boasting celebrity access, targeting 18-35 year olds. It will produce and distribute branded entertainment content across multiple platforms, including online, on air, print and mobile.

At launch, the network positioned as entertainment amplified will boast over 20 million unique monthly visitors, more than 10 million social media followers and 50 million video views per month, by aggregating audiences from premium entertainment and lifestyle destinations including:


Loud Digital Network will launch an initial slate of premium digital TV web series ready for brand sponsorship this fall. Hot97 DJ Funk Flex’s hit show “Full Throttle” as seen on MTV2 will be available for the first time digitally, with never seen before web extras. In addition, discussions are underway with several major brands on developing custom celebrity content for their campaigns.

“Inside the Interview” with Angie Martinez will feature Angie interviewing major artists and icons in the Hip Hop world. The rock focused “Festival Revolution” will star Allison Hagendorf of Fuse TV, giving audiences highlights and behind the scenes look at all the major rock festivals as Allison hangs out with major and upcoming rock artists. “My Fabolous Life” is a series starring the rapper Fabolous as your guide to anything fabulous in life

Stylenistas will tune in to “Gloss it Up” and “Dream of A Dress”, fashion and beauty make-over series produced in partnership with Fremantle Media, where viewer stories will inspire make-over’s of a lifetime. Faith Evans and production partner E1 Entertainment brings the reality web series “First Ladies” to The Loud Digital Network, as viewers follow the life of R&B superstar as she juggles a lively home life and career.

Lin Dai, Emmis VP/Digital Programming says The Loud Digital Network connects marketers with celebrity programming “digitally like never before. We are actively seeking the perfect brand partners for our digital series slated for this fall.”
“We have identified that the connection between our radio stations in the digital space is the trendsetting audience looking for unique music and entertainment content. The Loud Digital Network not only enables us to connect our own brands, but also gives us a sizable audience that will attract not only local and regional advertisers, but marketers on a national level,” added Angie May-Cook, VP, Emmis Digital.

RBR-TVBR observation: For a good example of vertical integration on the television side, check out our “Buzz Brands” article from Fisher Communications’ Randa Minkarah in RBR-TVBR’s May Manager’s Business Report.