Emmis Radio offering endorsement opportunities


Emmis Radio announced a partnership with former dMarc principals Ryan and Chad Steelberg’s Brand Affinity Technologies to offer advertisers access to 3,000+ athlete and celebrity endorsers for immediate activation across Emmis media channels.

The partnership offers a simplified endorsement process to give national and regional advertisers the ability to quickly and easily launch geographically and contextually relevant campaigns.

Prior to this announcement, Emmis tested BAT-enabled campaigns with several of its advertisers including SunTrup Pontiac in St. Louis, Nyle Maxwell Pontiac GMC in Austin, and Kinteco in Indianapolis.  Using BAT’s Platform, these Emmis advertisers were able to access and secure MLB pitching legend Lee Smith, football hall-of-famer Tony Dorsett, and Indianapolis Colts running back Mike Hart respectively for their local radio advertising campaigns.  

Ryan Steelberg, President and CEO of BAT (Chad is Chairman) tells RBR-TVBR: “It has taken us a while to build up a roster of talent that would really (we felt) be effective for local radio. In a world where consumers are bombarded by more and more fragmented media messages every day, radio like all forms of media, is having a hard time cutting through the clutter and impressing upon its consumer a message or an offer. Radio, like everybody, is fighting for that share of voice. So when you add a very targeted element of familiarity or fame to a message, it shows significant engagement results and the message is retained longer.”

Steelberg tells us Emmis is their first radio client. To date, they have been focused on online — working with Microsoft, Fox and others for online licensing of the celebs. They’re also working with CBS Outdoor. “Emmis is really the first radio partner that has really stepped up and shown interest in reselling our partnership. We’re going to see how it goes with them before bringing on more broadcast partners. So well test it with Emmis and they can move the needle for advertisers, then we’ll open up top other broadcasters.”

If you’d like to reach out to them for more info, it is appropriately, [email protected]

Advertisers use BAT’s Platform and research to help determine the best endorsement talent for their campaigns. BAT’s Platform then guides advertisers through every step of the automated agreement and approval process. Once an endorsement deal is offered and accepted, advertisers use BAT’s video, still, and audio assets to build creative.  

RBR-TVBR observation: The Steelbergs strike again! This is a great service, in our opinion, to help radio’s effectiveness. Market-appropriate choices are available across the country, as well as national and international celebs – all available with immediacy for campaigns that need to start soon. This is a very important tool to take to a local sales call. We are sure the Emmis test will come through with flying colors and this can then be opened up to other broadcasters.