Emmis responds to Mancow


More on Talk Radio Network-FM’s Erich "Mancow" Muller’s 6 million lawsuit against Emmis and management from his long-time Chicago flagship, WKQX Q101 (9/13/07 RBR #179).

After Emmis reviewed the suit, Emmis Radio President Rick Cummings issued the following response: "The suit and the allegations it contains aren’t worth dignifying with a response. Emmis doesn’t have the ability to keep a good show off the air."   

As previously reported, Mancow alleges that Emmis has worked behind the scenes to keep him off the air in Chicago after dropping his from Q101.
Said TRN-FM CEO Mark Masters: "According to Arbitron, Mancow’s program was ranked 1st (among English speaking stations) on Q101 in all three key English speaking male demos at the time that Mancow and Q101 parted ways.  Mancow was ranked #1 with Men 18-34 (with an astounding 11.8 share), with Men 18-49 and with Men 25-54.  One year later, without Mancow, Arbitron shows that Q101 is now ranked 12th with Men 18-49, and 20th with Men 25-54. According to BIA, Q101 generated an estimated 13.9 million in 2005. According to Arbitron, Mancow’s morning program averaged as much as 60% or more audience than the ratings of any other dayparts on Q101."

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