Emmis’ WQHT, KPWR join Beats Music


beatsBoth WQHT-FM NYC and KPWR-FM LA have joined the new music streaming service Beats Music as the exclusive hip-hop radio stations for the platform’s launch, curating a series of playlists on behalf of its deejays and brand. They join brands like Rolling Stone, Grand Ole Opry, Downbeat and DJ Mag in contributing more than 20 million songs for users to choose from to create their own personal listening experiences.

RBR-TVBR observation: As we’ve noted before, many of Beats Music’s curated stations are created by former radio station DJs. But this takes it up a notch—Beats sees the value in big city radio brands like these to get people listening. The trick is to let songs from these “curated playlists” play all of the time on terrestrial stations—dig deep, create a real mix, rather than playing the same 50 songs all day long. They’ve turned DJs loose to create the content they want, not having to follow a restricted playlist or being limited to let loose only on a Saturday night mix show.