Emmy Awards sponsorship boosted Infiniti SUV


Edmunds.com reports that shopping consideration for the 2011 Infiniti QX56 rose 51% after the airing of its commercials during the Emmy Awards Sunday night on NBC.

“We’re thrilled with the buzz we’ve received from Infiniti’s sponsorship of the Emmys,” Ben Poore, Infiniti Americas vice president, told Edmunds’ AutoObserver.com. “Our strategy was to own a big moment for the all-new Infiniti QX56 launch, and boy did we get one. Infiniti’s involvement with the Emmys – especially the work we did with the cast of ‘Community’ – has exceeded our expectations.”

The ad starred the cast of NBC’s comedy series “Community” riding in an Infiniti QX56 luxury SUV.

While the QX56 got a bump in consumer interest, the overall Infiniti brand did not – nor did Audi, which hosted pre-Emmy awards events, according to Edmonds.com.

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