Empire Film Group signs with Tradewell for theatrical, DVD, book releases


Empire Film Group has entered into an agreement with Tradewell Media NYC for the placement of $5 million of media advertising for upcoming theatrical, DVD and book releases this fall. Tradewell will act as the AOR for all of Empire’s television, billboard, magazine and radio ad needs, with newspaper and internet placement agencies still being reviewed by Empire. Media services to be provided by Tradewell include national and spot cable, long lead magazines, national radio spots and key market billboards.

One of the first releases to benefit from the venture is "Hounddog," opening at theaters on 9/4. "Hounddog" stars Dakota Fanning, Robin Wright-Penn and David Morse, and is slated for release in the top forty U.S. markets. Empire has three additional theatrical titles for release Q3 and Q4, as well as four new book releases and fifteen new DVD titles.