A Tool To Ease TV Newsroom and Visual Radio Workflows


Automated broadcast and production workflow firm ENCO has partnered with Broadcast Pix, known for its integrated production and control systems, for the release of a newsroom production and playout tool that supports the MOS (Media Object Server) protocol and interfaces with Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS).

ENCO and Broadcast Pix previously teamed to empower automated production for Visual Radio.

The TV Newsroom workflow integrates ENCO’s MOM (Media Operations Manager) automated video playout with Broadcast Pix IP-based integrated production switchers.

Direct integration with MOM, which brings together multiple workflow operations across graphics and media asset management, ensures that Broadcast Pix customers benefit from the automated playout, MOS-gateway capabilities, and Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) features found in ENCO’s automated solutions.

This allows journalists and news producers to access MOM asset libraries directly from within the NRCS user interface, and incorporate MOM elements like graphics, audio and video into scripts. Rundowns are automatically synchronized with the MOM system, which can then play out assets.

MOM customers also benefit from the NewBlueNTX proprietary motion graphics, titling and visual effects capability that Broadcast Pix has integrated across its BPswitch product line.

“Through this technology partnership, we can now offer a TV newsroom solution that can adapt to the needs of any TV newsroom, while putting high-end features within the reach of more cost-conscious smaller to mid-sized TV stations,” said Tony Mastantuono, product manager, Broadcast Pix. “Working closely with our valued partner, we’ve created yet another fully integrated solution that combines the strengths of our respective products into a flexible, yet powerful solution.”

The latter is particularly interesting to radio broadcasters seeking a way to engage streaming audiences through a multimedia experience delivered over web and social media platforms. When fully integrated, Visual Radio combines ENCO’s DAD radio automation and Presenter Management for radio playout, with multi-camera studio production capabilities developed by Broadcast Pix.

“While today’s media organizations share the same basic workflow goals, they need flexible solutions that can be tailored to their unique operational needs and budgets,” said ENCO President Ken Frommert. “Our mutually beneficial partnership with Broadcast Pix enables us to advance the price/performance of our respective products, while expanding our opportunities to reach and serve new markets.”