End-times billboards linked to religious radio group


Family Radio founder Harold Camping is predicting that the beginning of the end of the world is just a few months away. According to his biblical analysis, Rapture will occur 5/21/11, a message that is said to be going out on the network’s radio stations, and one that is also being touted in an eight-market billboard campaign.

The story, available on Gannett Company newspaper websites such as azcentral.com, says that the purchase of the billboards appears to be coming from WeCanKnow.com, a group of Camping followers. The billboards are in markets where the network has radio stations, including Nashville TN; Detroit MI; St. Louis MO; Kansas City MO; Bridgeport CT.; Fort Wayne IN; Little Rock AR; Louisville KY; and Omaha NE.

According to the report, Camping’s prediction is based on his interpretation of certain passages in the Bible and is tied to the story of Noah and the flood. A spokesperson for Family Radio stood by the prediction.

Indeed, the home page of the group website calls for the blowing of trumpets and says, “Judgment Day May 21, 2011. The Bible guarantees it.”

Camping had an earlier flirtation with end-of-days predictions, saying that there was evidence that the end of the world may occur in September of 1994, although at the time, he is said to have admitted that this prediction might not be correct.