Engineer aiming to pick up moving AM target


Victor C. Bosiger would be just the person to take over WOWZ-AM, an Appomattox VA station on the eastern outskirts, or Lynchburg side, of the Roanoke-Lynchburg market. With a little help from the FCC, he could replant the station in Roanoke.

The station holds a CP to do just that, and add a significant power boost while at it. Bosiger, who describes himself as a “solo-practicing radio engineer,” has filed to acquire the station under licensee name Onecom Inc. from Ben Peyton’s Perception Media Inc. for $10K cash.

Currently operating daytimes with one kilowatt on 1280 kHz, it holds a CP to head over to Roanoke one click up the dial at 1290 kHz, with 10 kilowatts during the day and a nominal, 17 watt presence at night. Nominal, but still an improvement over no presence at all. The problem is that the CP expires 5/9/10.

Bosiger is claiming eligible entity status and is hoping that the FCC will take that into account and extend the CP another 18 months.

RBR-TVBR observation: As far as we know, the eligible entity CP extension program the FCC has been operating was intended to get unbuilt CPs up and running, not extend the execution time of upgrades. But this is a major modification, and if it has already been deemed in the public interest by the FCC (otherwise it would not have granted the upgrade in the first place) and if the buyer is indeed eligible, we say – why not?

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