Engineers’ Experiences, and At-Home Best Practices


As the work-from-home paradigm continues, The Telos Alliance will conduct a “Broadcasting from Home” webinar on Wednesday (9/23) featuring broadcast engineer panelists who will reveal their tried-and-tested solutions to keep studios running and on-air. Accelerated workflow transformation is the focal point of this event.

The event, Broadcasting from Home: Our Accelerated Workflow Transformation,” is scheduled for 1pm Eastern and is hosted by Telos Alliance’s Kirk Harnack and Shaun Dolan.

At the beginning of this rushed move to home-based broadcasting, engineers gathered mics, laptops, audio codecs, and mic-to-USB converters from remote kits, closets, mobile DJ equipment—wherever they could find it. Popular consumer and some professional audio gear sold out quickly. Engineers also provided remote access to station automation systems and remote audio connections for their live shows. Remote voice tracking ramped up significantly.

As the work-from-home paradigm goes on, what are engineers envisioning as longer-term solutions? What equipment, software, or workflows are rising to prominence as we’re settling into this paradigm? How can radio broadcasters regain one hundred percent of their former operational capability, even if using different approaches?

“You’ll hear and see directly from broadcast engineers in large, medium, and small markets,” The Telos Alliance says. “We’ll see how their signal paths and workflows have morphed over time, and learn their predictions for the future of quality and timely content creation from home.”

Those interested in attending the webinar can sign up here.